late 20s | MA | perpetually uncertain genderqueer

Pronouns are whatever you feel like - she and they are probably simplest. I'm an introvert, a cranky old person at heart, someone who flips between hating the world and wanting to help the world on a regular basis. I lived in Vancouver, Canada for seven years, and got a biology degree while soaking up pinko socialist liberalism and a tendancy to say 'sorry' a lot. I'm doing a degree in CS now, and in my copious free time (HAHAHA what's that), I code for Dreamwidth, for which Mark and Denise occasionally pay me in food and fake DW money. I'm an Open Book Cosplayer, and probably more accurately an open book crafter because I wish to learn ALL THE CRAFTS and love answering questions and rambling so you will probably have more of a problem getting me to NOT give you answers to questions.

My main fandoms are Marvel comics that start with 'X', Gintama, anything Shinsengumi, Homestuck, Zelda, anime and video games that were popular like six years ago (I never forget), SCIENCE!, and Doctrine of Labyrinths. My hobbies are cosplay, complaining about things on the internet, overthinking genre fiction, researching things for RP, knitting and crochet, reading trashy fantasy novels, writing code, and looking at pretty things.